Piney River Narrows Natural Area, Texas County, 258 acres


The Narrows feature three dolomite limestone pinnacles squeezed between nearly a mile of West Piney Creek on the west side, and perhaps 3/4-mile of the Big Piney River on the east side. These pinnacles offer spectacular views across both watersheds. Atop the rock ledges are such plants as false aloe, eastern red cedar, and sedum. With both east and west-facing slopes and the mixture of sandstone and limestone-derived soils, a rich mixture of plant species inhabits this small area.

The land bordering West Piney Creek serves as an example of a headwater stream lined by precipitous sandstone bluffs and where 51 fish species have been recorded.

There is parking just off Highway 17 with good access to the Big Piney River.


In1971, 50 acres here were recognized as Piney River Narrows Natural Area by the Missouri Natural Areas Committee. The area is leased to the Missouri Department of Conservation for management.


About two miles west of Houston there is a small parking lot immediately past the junction of Route Z and Highway 17.

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